The EWW episode of the 2011 movie Kung Fu Panda 2.


  1. I appreciate the movie-era-specific Dreamworks logo, but... Oogway is dead. Does this mean that normal Dreamworks fishing kid on the moon is also dead and a ghost?!
  2. (Narration starts) Narration.
  3. (During the Narration was on the part about Lord Shen's past) This movie suggests gunpowder was invented in the pursuit of pure joy.
  4. Also, "huge important expositional backstory told quickly via narration and flashbacks" cliché.
  5. (During the same narration part) That's true, but really only when the thing bringing color and joy is also made of explosives. I'd be really impressed if he had weaponized, say, a rainbow or meadow of flowers.
  6. (During the Narration was on the part about Lord Shen's being defeated) I'm guessing in Kung Fu Panda 3, Po will fufill some other prophecy, making him the Dexter of fulfilling Chinese prophecies.
  7. (During the Narration about Lord Shen changing his destiny) That's the lesson Shifu learned in the first movie in 2008. And what Oedipus learned in the 5th century BC. This lesson is a VERY old storytelling device, is what I'm saying.
  8. Horrific panda genocide is firmly implied but completely glossed over.
  9. According to this story, a crazy son who mastered the dark arts of gunpowder and killed ALL the pandas will simply turn around and leave when his happy fireworks joy-joy parents banish him.
  10. Where is he hiding out, Mt. Doom?
  11. If America still had a strong steel industry, movies wouldn't be so quick to characterize factories as places of evil.
  12. (When the two kids are talking about Po joining the Furious Five) If Po joined the Furious Five, what does that make them now? The Ridiculous 6?
  13. (When one kid says "Awesome") These movies are obsessed with the word "awesome." Plus 10 sins for never cracking open a thesaurus.