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The phrase "This scene does not contain a lap dance" is often used in any scene in a CinemaSins video that could be labeled as a tease.

It was first used in the video: Everything Wrong with the Amazing Spider Man In 2 Minutes or less as the fifth sin in the video.


According to Jeremy, this phrase originated as an inside joke between him and his friends when a scene in the movie Grind House did not contain a lap dance.

In the trailer for this movie, the fans were promised a lap dance, and were not given one when it came out in theaters.

When the Directors cut for the movie came out, Jeremy bought it, and lo and behold, the lap dance was there.

Jeremy, being a fan of lap dances, was offended.

So, in every scene that seems to tease in any sort of sexual nature, "this scene does not contain a lap dance" will be said.

Or, when the scene does contain a lap dance, Jeremy will say "this scene does contain some sort of lap dance, so no sin here".