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Sony Pictures invites you to watch the sequel to the superhero reboot: The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

As much a setup for the sinister six-film you didn't ask for as it is a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, which you also didn't ask for. (Gwen Stacy laughs)

From the studio that already learned a hard lesson about putting too many villains in the Spider-Man picture comes a Spider-Man film with too many villains. Watch as Sony makes all the same mistakes they made with Spider-Man 3: the movie responsible for rebooting the franchise in the first place. (Peter Parker walks with good music as he points fingers in the Spider-Man 3) Well, almost all of them.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 partially tells the undeveloped of Max, an electrician that works at Oscorp who is sort of evil because he fantasizes about choking Ryan Howard from the office and has a shrine to Spider-Man in his apartment. Max transforms into Electro after he takes on this insanely dangerous job with a one hundred percent chance of something bad happening.

Experience the story of Peter Parker and his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, who bond and make out over their shared dead parents juggling a relationship in a full-time job as Spider-Man is nothing compared to their newest challenge: finding the treasure hidden by the Declaration of Independence. Peter's adventure fears into dark reevaluation about his father's work that could change the course of history and offer him a much catharsis we saw him get in the last chapter. Critics are already calling it "The 'Field of Dreams' of superhero films..." (J. Scott-CinemaSins) with more relationship drama than a Meg Ryan movie.
Electro: You need me?
Harry: Yes, I need you!
And only thirty minutes more actual Spider-Man scenes than a Meg Ryan movie: including yet again saving a baby from a burning building, crawling through tunnels, doing this (stands up while being surrounded by two guys), and whatever this is (hanging on the wall in his room).

Spider-Man faces his greatest challenge yet as he takes on the brother of Dr. Manhattan so that Sony can copal on Marvel from once again owning the movie rights to the character. And speaking of cop blocking:
Gwen's dad: Leave Gwen happy! a ghost of Dennis Leary is here to insure that Spider-Man sticks his Peter somewhere other than Gwen making it psychologically impossible for him to Parker in the entire film.