The EWW episode of the 1997 movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park Edit

  1. Movie thinks you remember the name of the goddamn island from the first movie, or give a s*it.
  2. Stereotypical way over-the-top rich family is stereotypical way over-the-top.
  3. Whoa, that's Camilla Belle, star of 10,000 BC and When A Stranger Calls. Damn, I guess being cast as a young girl in a Spielberg movie DOESN'T guarantee a life of drugs and promiscuous sex. . . only a career of middling films. Interesting!
  4. Mother's screams about her daughter's horrifying attack are turned into a movie-editing joke.
  5. Apparently, the unbelievable story of "dinosaurs on an island" was a big enough story for everyone on this train to know about it. If no one believed this s*it in the first place, how did it become a huge story?
  6. Kids important to the first movie are given a token cameo in the second one, because this movie has alot of gymnastics it needs to get out of its system that these kids can't possibly reproduce.
  7. Yeah. No you didn't. Or else you wouldn't have had eggs in the lab in the first movie, where we got to see them hatch and whatnot. You wouldn't have kept all that dino DNA on Isla Nublar, either.
  8. Seems like John Hammond has never heard of The Observer Effect.
  9. HOW SO?
  10. Ian Malcolm would be amazing at Cinema Sins.
  11. Who I am not revealing the name of until it's dramatic enough to do so.
  12. Sure she is. That's what the blood-curdling scream from her mom told us. Now that i think about it. . .this whole scene was worthless. We saw some s*itty, tiny dinosaurs, the attack happened off-screen, and the parents were terrible human beings, and the girl is fine? I could have gone straight to this scene and I wouldn't have missed it.
  13. Roll credits.
  14. Yes, it's called forced-character-development.
  15. John plays the pronoun game and Jesus could you just tell him it's Julianne Moore already?
  16. Man it's amazing how subtly they stuck the exposition in that!
  17. Also, how has she been gone for days and Ian hasn't worried about her until now?
  18. Ha ha ha ha, Sega WISHES this joke wasn't dated as HELL!!!
  19. Why did Malcolm ask Kelly to come all the way out here just so he could tell her she's staying at Karen's place? Is it so that she could become a stowaway and find herself on the island later?
  20. Movie plants the seed for something awful later.
  21. Why did he agree to go this far in the first place?