The EWW episode of the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit Edit

  1. Discount Looney Toons.
  2. Goddamn those are some mirror-shine floors! Goddamn!
  3. Roger is definitely looking up this woman's skirt right now.
  4. Crib bars function as slingshots in the cartoon world, but, as we find out later, this is being filmed by a real-world crew----so how do they make that happen? Does anybody draw this s*it or do cartoon physics just happen naturally? Are you saying we shouldn't apply logic to this movie? You've come to the wrong place.
  5. Irresponsible oven company sells a product with a setting of "Volcano Heat."
  6. Convenient pile of dishes allow Baby Herman to crawl across the sink in what is an otherwise spotless kitchen.
  7. This oven has a setting that, when reached, shoots the cooked food out into the kitchen like a missile. That's handy.
  8. God, is this the largest residential kitchen in recorded history?!
  9. Bar of soap has enough force to slam into the baby and nudge him close enough to grab this pendulum.
  10. The kitchen is set up in such a way that no one would be able to reach these comically-stacked pots and pans with out a ladder, and as Roger's run around the kitchen proves, there is MORE than enough cabinet space to put these in without creating a safety hazard.
  11. Also, chili sauce found its way amongst all these pots, pans, and cheese graters, because whoever does the cooking in this house is the dumbest person alive.
  12. Unstored, unrefrigerated, and probably moldy bread.
  13. Despite general odds. . . none of these knives hit Roger.
  14. This vacuum cleaner wasn't here before.
  15. Yeah, no, Roger's head did not impact and break the bottom of the fridge like this.
  16. (When the director says that Roger blows his lines) What lines?
  17. This director is a dick to cartoon birds.